Hyderabad Top 5 Hair Transplant Surgeons Clinic

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Dr Shettys Cosmetic Centre Bengaluru

Dr Shettys Cosmetic Centre

+91 8050008855 / +91 8033082314
No.107/2, 80 Feet Road, Rajajinagar, Bangalore 560010
Hair Transplantation Cost, Hair loss, Baldness cure, Hair Restoration
Dr. Venkat Charmalaya - Centre for Advanced Dermatology

Dr. Venkat Charmalaya

+91 9611842627 / +91 8023392788 / 080 23180818
#3437, 1st G cross, 7th main, Vijayanagar, Bangalore 560040
Hair Transplantation Cost, Hair loss, Baldness cure, Hair Restoration
>Dr. Madhukumar (Midas Cosmetic Surgery Clinic)

Dr. Madhukumar (Midas Cosmetic Surgery Clinic)

+91 9880316201/ +91 9620192891
# 301, Esteem Kanaka Plaza, Jayanagar, Bangalore 560011
Hair Transplantation Cost, Hair loss, Baldness cure, Hair Restoration
 Dr. Shubha M Kesari(Nypunya Aesthetic Clinic) Bengaluru

Dr. Shubha M Kesari(Nypunya Aesthetic Clinic)

+91 9243779977 / +91 8026652222
681, 36th Cross, 10th A Main, Jayanagar, Bengaluru 560011
Hair Transplantation Cost, Hair loss, Baldness cure, Hair Restoration
Hairline International Bengaluru

Hairline International

080 40914767 / 080 40914768
199, 16th Main Road, Jayanagar, Bangalore 560041
Hair Transplantation Cost, Hair loss, Baldness cure, Hair Restoration

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Best Hair Transplant Clinic/Doctor in Hyderabad Promises You Volumes of Natural Looking Hair Quickly

Hair transplantation is quite common these days. Enter AdWorld India website to find the best hair transplant doctor near you in Hyderabad. Remember, AdWorld India is not a hair transplant clinic, it is an online directory which you can access, 24 hours, 7 days a week to find 100% authentic, updated contact information of the top 5 doctors practicing in Hyderabad.

What Qualities to Look for in a Hair Transplant Surgeon?

Generally, the best way to find a good doctor is through a referral from your friend, a relative or from your neighbour. However, it may happen that you don’t know any person who can refer you a hair transplant surgeon. In such a case, you need to keep in mind the following points to end up consulting with a reliable doctor.

Check the Doctor’s Background and Training

You must check the educational qualification of the doctor and his certification. The doctor must be a pass-out from a reputable medical college or university. He or she must have a good academic record and must be trained in the medical and surgical treatment of diseases of hair. Also, enquire whether he has contributed to the science of hair restoration through research and publications which are again reviewed by specialists. Good medical publications add a significant value and given high importance in the medical community.

Surgical Techniques

After you have decided to go for hair transplant, the next important thing to do is determine which method to undergo - Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) technique or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique. It is only a good doctor who will tell you the benefits of both the methods along with their respective drawbacks. The doctor must have an in-depth knowledge about both the techniques and only after consultation with the patient will decide which of both the techniques is best for you.

Clearly, if a doctor is biased towards a particular technique FUE or FUT, he or she is unlikely to give you a balanced view. Before finalizing a hair transplant doctor, be certain to discuss with the doctor who performs all of the procedures that you are considering. You may also consult with multiple doctors to more clearly know about all the hair transplantation methods.

FUT method requires creating holes on the head for grafting hair follicle units. When considering FUT, don’t forget to ask whether the medical staff uses microscopes for dissection, or simply their naked eyes. Advancement in medical science has led to the use of stereo-microscopes to perform the most accurate graft dissection and best preservation of donor hair. Also, try to evaluate the cleanliness of the clinic, use of advanced equipment, hygiene sense of the clinical staff to make sure you have chosen the best clinic in Hyderabad.

Read Patient’s Reviews

Today, almost all doctors maintain a website where they provide their contact details along with FAQ, important links, types of procedures they perform, cost, and more. In addition to all these, you will get to read patient reviews or testimonials where they have shared their personal positive or negative medical experience. You must carefully read all patient comments to understand the credibility of the doctor and then only choose him for hair restoration.

Make Sure the Doctor is Easygoing

It should not be that you find the hair transplant surgeon to be impatient and arrogant. On the contrary, all good doctors are great listeners. They will address your concerns and answer your questions in a way that is easy to understand and makes sense to you.

Is Hair Transplant Expensive?

FUE is costly compared to FUT (Strip method). But, you don’t need to worry about cost as long as AdWorld India is there. You will get the contact information of the top 5 certified hair transplant clinics/doctors in Hyderabad best known for offering high-class hair restoration services at the most competitive rate. So, hair transplant cost in Hyderabad should not bother you from choosing the most reliable doctor for getting back natural looking hair within days.

AdWorld India Enlists the Top Highly Experienced Hair Restoration Surgeons

An increasing number of people trust AdWorld India to find the contact information of the top 5 hair restoration surgeons/clinics near to their house. The doctors are highly experienced with a talented team of clinical staffs offering best care and attention to all patients. Baldness is a matter of great concern these days. The best doctors in Hyderabad listen to each patient, understand their problem and then recommend a technique that will be best for him or her to remove the problem of hair loss and badness forever.